Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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Our Mission Statement:

It is our goal at Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find well water where it exists and to help our clients determine the very best well drilling site. It is our priority to help prevent clients from drilling an expensive dry well or low yielding well, and to find the best drill site when one can be found. This eliminates unnecessary and costly drilling that would have a negative effect on the natural state of the underground aquifer, minimizing carbon emissions, and damage to the surrounding environment

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Save money on well Drilling Costs with Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

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   Well drilling costs, and the uncertainty of where to drill a water well, can be be a nerve racking and costly gamble.  You may depend on witching for water, or on a company that does well drilling for water to tell you where to drill a water well.  However the decision ultimately is up to you, the client.
   Drillers are good at drilling a well, and some have a lot of experience and are very conscientious.
but in order to locate a water well drill site with any degree of accuracy, it is imperative to first have a groundwater survey conducted prior to drilling.

   Those who depend on groundwater wells for their water needs can save money on well drilling costs, (often thousands of dollars) by greatly reducing the need to drill more than once.  They can do so by gaining accurate information about the underground water aquifer, where the best producing well drilling site, and how deep to drill.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors Can Help You! 

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   Call today for a free consultation to see how you may save on your well development budget.  

   We service states in the southwest United States.  If you would like driller recommendations or would like a recommendation of a seismoelectric groundwater surveyor in your area Email Us .

We Help:
  • Well Drillers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Geologists
  • Land Developers
  • Farms and Dairies
  • Cattle Ranches
  • Gold mines
  • Anyone who depends on groundwater for their water needs.

Our Mission Statement:

It is our goal at Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find well water where it exists and to help our clients determine the very best well drilling site. It is our priority to help prevent clients from drilling an expensive dry well or low yielding well.  In addition, our goal is to find the best drill site when one can be found. Thus eliminating unnecessary and costly drilling which would have a negative impact on the natural state of the underground aquifer.  Therefore, minimizing carbon emissions, and damage to the surrounding environment.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Find Well Water Scientifically - Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors has unmatched expertise and experience when it comes to locating aquifers and aquifer mapping. Our specialty lies in using innovative electro seismic methods to detect aquifers without drilling expensive test holes. We have the expertise and instruments that can see the underground water before you drill you new well.  We determine the optimal well drilling location, depth, and yield of the underground aquifer, even before the drilling begins.

If you are in need of a new water well,  and would like to know more about how to find well water scientifically, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors can help you. 

  • Find the best well drill location, 
  • Reduce the chance of drilling a dry well or low yielding well.  
  • Call today for a free consultation.  

Contact us today!

URL: https://findwaterfirst.com   Email: info@findwaterfirst.com  Phone: 800 394 6207

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Find Well Water in Arizona,

Find Well Water in Arizona

During the summer of 2018, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors.  Conducted Groundwater location Surveys in Arizona and Utah scientifically locating groundwater aquifers, and finding well water for our clients.

On one of our trips to the White Mountains in Arizona, one of our trucks was totaled when it hit an Elk.  It was nightfall and there was lightning flashing.  The poor guy ran right out in front of our truck on the highway.  Thankfully our crew was okay, but the truck didn't do so well.  Be careful out there fellow travelers.
Locate Groundwater in Arizona_Find Water First Inc.
Find Well Water in Arizona_Southwest Groundwater Surveyors 
If you are in need of a groundwater well for irrigation, stock well, domestic household well, industrial well; Southwest Groundwater Surveyors can help you locate a well site, estimate the yield and depth to drill before drilling begins.
Our technology can help eliminate the guesswork of where to drill a well, and the high cost of well drilling on a low yielding or dry location where a better location may be found.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors
Sierra Exploration Drilling on one of our sites in So. Calif. -100 GPM. as our data indicated.
Find Well Water in Arizona,
Find Well Water in California,
Find Well Water in Nevada,
Find Well Water in New Mexico,
Find Well Water in Utah.
Contact us today to book your groundwater survey,  800-394-6207 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Find Water Well Drilling Locations in Utah - Groundwater Surveying:

Find Water Well Drilling Locations in Utah

The '''seismoelectric Groundwater Surveying method''' (which is also known as electro seismic groundwater surveying or electro kinetic surveying) is based on the creation of electric signals in soils and rocks that is produced by seismic waves originating on the earth's surface. This technique was developed in the United Kingdom by Groundflow Ltd. and has been widely used throughout North America since the mid 1990's.  The primary use for seismoelectric technology is to locate groundwater aquifers, and to find an optimal well drilling site. The seismoelectric operator will collect the data at various locations on a property such as a farm, ranch, golf course etc. The data is then interpreted to determine three estimations as follows:
1. The optimal location (of the tested areas) for drilling the well.
2. The correct water well drill depth  (to the base of the aquifer),
3. The potential yield of the well. (based on the strength of the seismoelectric signal produced).
For more info contact http://findwaterfirst.com

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors
We find water well drilling locations in Utah, Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Find Well Drilling Sites; Aquifer Location with scientific groundwater surveying

find well water before you drill,

Aquifer location with scientific groundwater surveying

Finding a well drilling site is less risky when you call Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to conduct a scientific groundwater survey.
We find well water where it exists before drilling begins. Our ability to scientifically see the under ground water where it exists can save you the expense of drilling a well in an area that may be dry or less optimal.
 Call us for a free phone consultation about aquifer locating.

With our portable testing equipment we can test anywhere on your 
property that is accessible with a four wheel drive pickup truck. 
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finding Well Water in California.

Finding Well Water in California

Finding well water in California for a groundwater well, can be not only frustrating, but very expensive.

As anyone who has ever drilled a dry well can tell you.  It would be better if there was a way to find groundwater scientifically before drilling a well.  Well...now you can!

Find Water First Inc. dba Southwest Groundwater Surveyors are here to help.  Our seismoelectric instruments and groundwater surveying method. were developed to be a portable version of a technology  that was developed in the oil industry.  
We have the only method for seeing groundwater prior to drilling a well.  And we can see water underground to an average depth of 1500 feet below ground surface.

Locating water for a well in Southern California, where aquifers are often no more than very narrow rock fractures through which groundwater flows, is always a challenge for geologists and hydrologists and well drillers alike.  That is why the services of Southwest Groundwater Surveyors is so valuable.  Our Seismo-electric instruments and methods help take the guesswork out of whether or not to drill, and where to drill your water well.  

Savings on well development:  

If you are planning to drill a water well for your water needs, call Southwest Groundwater Surveyors before you have your well drilled, and find out how you can save on the cost of well development by getting it right the first time.  Don't take a chance on a dry or low yield well. Call for a free consultation today!    


Lucerne Valley, California  Mark F. of Lucerne Valley, California contacted us to see if we could find fresh water on his property. The area is known for having salty water in the top 200 feet below ground surface. Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was referred to Mark By Greg Solomon of Solomon Drilling and Pump Service in Lucerne Valley. After conducting a series of seismoelectric tests on Marks property it was determined that two sites showed promise of fresh water if drilled to a depth of 490'. Mark just called to inform us that Solomon Drilling and Pump Svc. has developed the well after drilling to 485'. The well casing was not perforated for the first 200' to prevent the salty water from contaminating the fresh water. Mark is enjoying 30 gallons per minute of fresh clean water in an area where only salty wells have been drilled before.

Johnson Valley California:

Bill K. hired Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to locate the optimal well drilling site on his 20 acre lot in Johnson Valley Ca.  Today after six months, Bill called to inform us that he finally had his well drilled by Solomon Drilling and Pump.  The estimated depth of 440 feet was spot on and he is enjoying a 50 gallon per minute well.

For additional Testimonials click here Go to Findwaterfirst.com for a free consultation call 800-394-6207.

We Find Well Water in 
California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and sometimes other places.

 Find well water for ranches
 Cattle Wells
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors
 Golf Course Wells
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors
 Domestic Wells
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors
 Desert Wells
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors
 Irrigation Wells
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors
Hard to find groundwater
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

 High Production Wells

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Find Well Water in Nevada, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors.

Find Well Water in Nevada

In February 2015 Ranch owner Tracy C. hired Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to conduct a series of aquifer locating tests to find well water in Nevada.  He had recently drilled a dry well.

After only fifteen test sights on Tracy's 680 acre ranch we were happy to find a groundwater location site for well drilling, that we estimated would yield 65 gallons per minute if drilled to 360 feet below ground surface.

We just received word from Tracy who said he just had the well drilled at the site and he is happy to be pumping 70 Gallons per minute after drilling to a depth of  370 feet.

Tracy has asked Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to come back and find him another well site.

If you would like to know more about how a groundwater survey could help you find well water before going to the expense of drilling blindly.  Visit our website at www.findwaterfirst.com or call 800-394-6207
Find Well Water
Find Well Water in Nevada / Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

Monday, June 6, 2016

Finding Well Water Is What We Do.

Do you need a water well and don't know where to drill a well, or how deep to drill a well?  At Southwest Groundwater Surveyor's finding well water is what we do well.

We have just returned from groundwater surveys to find well water in New Mexico and Utah where we have successfully located several good water wells on ranches, where  they are struggling to keep the water supply to meet the demand for the crops and cattle.

Please contact us on our website www.findwaterfirst.com or call 800-394-6207 for your free consultation.  Why take a chance on a dry well.

We use scientific, seismo-electric instruments and methods to locate the aquifer, and determine the well drilling depth and the expected well water flow (yield) before drilling begins.

Finding Well Water is What We Do Well.

See more client testimonials: https://findwaterfirst.com/contact-us/

"Southwest Groundwater Surveyors are the premier aquifer locating company in the Southwest U.S." -  J. Shaw - National Groundwater Surveying.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

What is a groundwater survey?

Southwest groundwater Surveyors

What is a Groundwater Survey?

Find well water using the aquifer location service of Southwest Groundwater Surveyors.
Using Scientific Seismoelectric Groundwater Surveying We can...

  • Find well water to a depth of 1500 feet below ground surface
  • Locate ground water and determine the depth and thickness of the aquifer
  • Interpret the depth for well drilling (to the aquifers bottom)
  • Estimate the potential well yield (flow rate)

In short, we find well water, before well drilling begins!  helping to lower the cost of well development by reducing the potential for drilling an expensive dry well.

Got Water
Don't Drill a Dry Well!  

  • Arizona
  • California (Southern)
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • And sometimes elsewhere.

Call 1-800-394-6207
To book your groundwater survey today!

We serve...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Locate water underground

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors uses state of the art water surveying equipment, to locate water underground. We work hard to be the leader in finding well drilling sites, and mapping aquifers for clients in the Southwest USA. With our efficient water locating services, we saved thousands of dollars for our clients. Our past and current clients are:

·         People whose water pressure decreased
·         People whose wells are dry
·         Those who are interested in water well drilling
·         Those who need a water well site for new construction
·         Those who are outside of city water service areas
·         Those who want to provide a well for potential buyers
·         People who require agricultural irrigation wells
·         People who need stock wells
·         People who are exploring new well sites and water development strategies
·         Those who are planning or aiding in new construction or well development
·         Property Owners
·         Residential
·         Ranches and Livestock
·         Land Developers
·         Dairies

By using our Seismo-electric technology, we locate the underground aquifer, pinpoint optimal drill site, and estimate the depth to drill. We also use our water surveying equipment to surmise the yield of your future well.

Let Groundwater Surveyors help you locate water underground! Call us at (800) 394-6207 to learn how our groundwater surveyors can locate groundwater for you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors, Find Water First

Locate Groundwater For Drilling, Southwest Groundwater Surveyor

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors / Find Water First Inc help clients locate groundwater for drilling in these following Southwestern areas in the US:Find water for well drilling

New Mexico

Drilling test holes for well water can be extremely expensive, damaging to property and just overall frustrating!  But with help from Southwest Groundwater Surveyors, we can save you the time, expense, and heartache of drilling a dry or low yield well.

We use modern technology to help locate groundwater and give you reasonable assurance that you are drilling in the right place and depth. Our seismoelectric technology has shown high success rates to many drillers, well developers, farmers, golf courses, and land developers!
How Locating Well Water Works

We use seismoelectric technology to locate the groundwater aquifer, the only method besides drilling test holes, to locate well water. We then identify the optimal drill site and estimate the depth to drill. By doing this, we are also able to surmise the yield of your potential well. Once the data is collected at your property and the report is sent to you, you can tell drillers where to drill, and how deep to drill your well.  It's easy.

Let Southwest Groundwater Surveyors help you take away the pain of guessing where to locate groundwater. Visit our website findwaterfirst.com or give our professional staff a call at (800)394-6207 today! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Method to Find Well Water Before Drilling

   The Seismoelectric Method is the only known method for seeing the underground aquifer directly.  Where other methods may determine the depth and the porosity of the underlying rock matrix a few hundred feet below ground; but at best they can only guess whether water is present or not.
   Southwest groundwater Surveyors seismic well water survey method has been found to be the most accurate, best method to find well water for drilling.  In addition, groundwater surveying is very cost effective compared to the price of drilling a dry or less productive well.  We have the instruments and the ability to see the aquifer prior to the well being drilled,  We can see the groundwater aquifer to a depth of 1500 feet below ground.
   This has become the method of choice to find water for farms land-owners, , developers, utility companies, well drillers, farms, ranches, geologists, home owners, and anyone who needs a reasonable assurance of drilling on the best location the first time.  Why take a chance on a costly dry well?

Book your groundwater survey today
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Southwest Groundwater Surveyors uses the proprietary Seismoelectric instruments and scientific methods for finding groundwater, measuring the aquifer and finding where to put a well. Because it is simply the most effective, accurate, and reliable method.  Nothing else comes close.

Southern California/Arizona/Utah/New Mexico/Nevada and other areas where our service is needed.

Geophysicist Ca957. Ron Sorensen is the officer in charge of Geophysics for Find Water First Inc.
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

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Monday, September 17, 2012

An Aquifer Is / An Aquitard is

An aquifer is a water saturated permeable geologic layer, or fracture zone, that is able to transmit significant quantities of water.  A geologic layer that cannot transmit significant quantities of water is usually referred to as an aquiclude.  An aquitard is a rock unit that generally has a low permeability and hence will transmit only very limited quantities of water and are generally not suitable for production wells.  The terms Aquifer or aquitards can be used to define most geologic strata.  The most common aquifers include permeable sedimentary rocks such as sandstones, limestone’s, sand and gravel layers, and highly fractured volcanic and crystalline rocks.  Common aquitards are un-fractured shale’s, clays and dense (un-fractured) crystalline rocks.

Sedimentary aquifers form layers and usually have a large lateral extent, whereas aquifers in fracture zones in igneous and crystalline rocks may have a very limited lateral extent. When searching for water using any geophysical method, including the Electro seismic method, the type of aquifer that may be present should be considered, both when planning a ground water survey and especially when considering drilling a well.

  • Confined—An aquifer overlain by one or more layers of impermeable rock or soil that restrict water to within the aquifer. The water is confined under pressure. Drilling a well into a confined aquifer releases that pressure and causes the water to rise in the well. These wells are sometimes called artesian wells.
  • Unconfined—An aquifer that is not overlain by a layer of impermeable rock or soil. Water in a well will naturally stay at the level of the water table. As water is removed from the well, the water table at that place is lowered, causing the surrounding ground water to flow toward the well.
Whether you are on a fractured rock aquifer, an artesian aquifer, a confined aquifer, an unconfined aquifer or have no groundwater at all,  the benefits of a groundwater survey when planning a new well, far outweigh the costs of drilling a dry well.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyor
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Southwest Groundwater Surveyors serve California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ideal Conditions for a Groundwater Survey Prior to Well Drilling

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

    Having a reasonable expectation of finding well water prior to drilling a well is a great benefit for the prospective well owner.  Southwest Groundwater Surveyor uses the seismoelectric method for locating the optimal  well drilling location.

    Briefly, the  seismoelectric method, sometimes called electroseismic or Electro Kinetic Seismology (EKS) makes use of a phenomenon, known since the 1950’s, whereby an electrical signal is produced when a seismic wave encounters water within rock pores, such as is the case for an aquifer.  Although the basic Physics of the method has been understood for many years, and numerous field demonstrations have been completed showing the feasibility of the method, it was not until 1996, when a company called Groundflow Ltd. and later AqualocateLLC developed and patented very specific electronics and associated techniques required to measure and interpret the EKS signal, making the method more practical.  Whereby using these techniques, the EKS signal is recorded using a data recording geometry that significantly minimizes naturally occurring electrical noise.  Groundflow Ltd developed the instrumentation to both record this signal and to process the data.  Therefore allowing the existence of groundwater, (if present) to be inferred along with estimates of the depth and the yield of the aquifer.

   Accuracy of interpretation of groundwater data may often be increased if a local well is available where the aquifer depth, thickness and flow rate are known.  In this case a sounding can be conducted close to the well, which gives us a better velocity and acoustic attenuation model for the particular underlying rock matrix. 

   The ideal conditions for a groundwater survey are as follows...

  1. Access to the desired test sites on the property by a 4 wheel drive pickup truck.
  2. Survey sites must be at least 50 feet away from underground high voltage lines.
  3. Surveyors must be able to penetrate the ground surface to a three foot depth.
For additional information;

Friday, June 1, 2012

Finding well water in Johnson Valley

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was hired to find a water well in Johnson Valley CA by the Johnson Valley Improvement Association. (a very arid desert region of Southern California). After conducting ten seismoelectric tests we determined that the best well water location would yield at least 10 Gallons per minute. The well was drilled by Solomon Drilling of Lucerne Valley CA. We are proud to announce that the Johnson Valley Improvement Center now has all the water they need and the well is yielding in excess of 10 GPM 

If you are planning to drill a well contact us to find out how you can save on you well drilling budget.

Find well water the first time you drill with a groundwater survey from Southwest Groundwater Surveyors... 

Contact us online or call 800-394-6207

Tuesday, July 13, 2010