Sunday, October 2, 2016

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors / Aquifer Locating / Find Well Water in Nevada / groundwater location for well drilling

In February 2015 Ranch owner Tracy C. hired Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to conduct a series of aquifer locating tests to find well water in Nevada.  He had recently drilled a dry well.

After only fifteen test sights on Tracy's 680 acre ranch we were happy to find a groundwater location site for well drilling, that we estimated would yield 65 gallons per minute if drilled to 360 feet below ground surface.

We just received word from Tracy who said he just had the well drilled at the site and he is happy to be pumping 70 Gallons per minute after drilling to a depth of  370 feet.

Tracy has asked Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to come back and find him another well site.

If you would like to know more about how a groundwater survey could help you find well water before going to the expense of drilling blindly.  Visit our website at or call 800-394-6207
Don't Drill a Well Blindly, Find Water First, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

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