Saturday, October 27, 2012

Well drilling Report in Johnson Valley, CA

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors have just received a report regarding a survey conducted in Johnson Valley, CA.  Solomon Drilling of Lucerne Valley, CA has just finished drilling and developing a well at the site where our report stated the following...

 "The data indicates the base of the aquifer is 475 feet BGS. (below ground surface)  The estimated yield is Category B. (2-6 GPM - gallons per minute). There is also an indication of a second second deeper aquifer with a base of 830 feet BGS.  The estimated yield is Category B. (2-6 GPM)."

Solomon reported drilling to a depth of 650 feet BGS and stopped within the depth range of the combined aquifers.  The well has been pump tested at 10 GPM.

Finding Well Water In New Mexico, California, Arizona.

After returning from finding well water in New Mexico, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors have been helping with well drilling in Southern California. We have been working closely with two well drilling companies In the high desert, and have successfully completed our schedule for California. Next we will be heading out to find well water in Arizona for clients including an 800 acre cattle ranch.  

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