Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Winter Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was hired to find a good well site by the Johnson Valley Improvement Association in Johnson Valley, CA (a very arid desert region of Southern California). After conducting ten Electro-Seismic tests we determined that the best well water location would yield at least 10 Gallons per minute. The well was drilled by Solomon Drilling of Lucerne Valley CA. We are proud to announce that the Johnson Valley Improvement Center now has all the water they need and the well is yielding in excess of 10 GPM

Finding water in New Mexico, Arizona, California

We have been working hard this spring on projects in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California locating well water sites. We are happy to report successes at a commercial farm in New Mexico where we found several drill site of over 500 GPM. A 40,000 acre cattle ranch near Tucumcari New Mexico where a good groundwater source was located in an area where many wells had gone dry.