Thursday, November 16, 2017

Seismo-Electric Groundwater Surveying / Find Well Water / Well Drilling Site / Aquifer Locating

Looking for a well drilling site is less risky when you call Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to conduct a Seismo-Electric Groundwater Survey.
We find well water where it exists before drilling begins. Our ability to scientifically see groundwater where it exists can save you the expense of drilling a well in an area that may be dry or less optimal.
 Before Well Drilling Begins, call us for a free phone consultation about aquifer locating.
With our portable testing equipment we can test anywhere on your property that is accessible with a four wheel drive pickup. Call 800-394-6207 to book your survey today.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Find Well Water in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, / Find Groundwater Before Drilling a Well

Locating groundwater for a well in difficult places is not only frustrating, it can be very expensive.

As anyone who has ever drilled a dry well can tell you.  It would be better if you can find ground water before drilling a well.  Now you can!

Find Water First Inc. dba Southwest Groundwater Surveyors are here to help.  Our Seismoelectric instruments and groundwater surveying method. were developed to be a portable version of a technology  that was developed in the oil industry.  We have the only method for seeing groundwater directly without drilling test wells, and we can see water underground to an average depth of 1500 feet below ground surface.


Lucerne Valley, CaliforniaMark F. of Lucerne Valley, California contacted us to see if we could find fresh water on his property. The area is known for having salty water in the top 200 feet below ground surface. Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was referred to Mark By Greg Solomon of Solomon Drilling and Pump Service in Lucerne Valley. After conducting a series of seismoelectric tests on Marks property it was determined that two sites showed promise of fresh water if drilled to a depth of 490'. Mark just called to inform us that Solomon Drilling and Pump Svc. has developed the well after drilling to 485'. The well casing was not perforated for the first 200' to prevent the salty water from contaminating the fresh water. Mark is enjoying 30 gallons per minute of fresh clean water in an area where only salty wells have been drilled before.

Johnson Valley California:
on June 30, 2017 Bill K. hired Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to locate the optimal well drilling site on his 20 acre lot in Johnson Valley Ca.  Today after six months, Bill called to inform us that he finally had his well drilled by Solomon Drilling and Pump.  The estimated depth of 440 feet was spot on and he is enjoying a 50 gallon per minute well.
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We Find Well Water in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and sometimes other places.

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