Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Locate Groundwater with Help from Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors help clients locate groundwater in these following Southwestern areas in the US:

New Mexico

Drilling test holes for well water can be extremely expensive, damaging to property and just overall frustrating!  But with help from Southwest Groundwater Surveyors, we can save you the time, expense, and heartache of drilling a dry or low yield well.

We use modern technology to help locate groundwater and give you reasonable assurance that you are drilling in the right place and depth. Our seismoelectric technology has shown high success rates to many drillers, well developers, farmers, golf courses, and land developers!
How Locating Well Water Works

We use seismoelectric technology to locate the groundwater aquifer, the only method besides drilling test holes, to locate well water. We then identify the optimal drill site and estimate the depth to drill. By doing this, we are also able to surmise the yield of your potential well. We collect all the electro seismic surveys and as a result, you can tell drillers where to drill for your well!
Let Southwest Groundwater Surveyors help you take away the pain of guessing where to locate groundwater. Visit our website findwaterfirst.com or give our professional staff a call at (800)394-6207 today! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

locate groundwater / Find Well Water Before Drilling / Find Subsurface Groundwater Water / Dont Drill A Dry Well

Don't Drill A Dry Well. A Miss Is As Good As A Mile. We Find The Optimal Well Drilling Site. We See Water Underground.

Using the latest generation of groundwater locating technology known as seismoelectric groundwater surveying... We can help you find water before drilling your next water well.

Our ability to locate groundwater for a well is second to none.  

Our ground water surveying  techniques have been developed through years of extensive testing in the American Southwest.  

Our equipment is portable, so we can access your property and conduct up to twenty test sites per day.

We are located in California and Utah but we are able to travel to any state.

We have the resources to bring in multiple teams of surveyors for the biggest jobs.  

Whether you are a land developer who needs to map the underground aquifer, or a homeowner who needs a domestic well, no job is too big or too small.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors is family owned and operated.  We come directly to you, so there is no middle man.   We will work within your budget to give you the most information over the largest area of investigation possible.

We have working relationships with many drillers and geologists who call in on their projects us to find  well water before drilling  because we have a proven track record of success with them, and many satisfied clients.

See client testimonials here:  http://www.findwaterfirst.com/client-testimonials.html

Seismoelectric surveying makes use of a phenomenon known as streaming potential, where the movement of subsurface water produces a voltage measurable on the ground surface.  Using a seismic pulse we create that movement. Prior to the 1990's the electrical signal from the seismic pulse impinging on subsurface groundwater was difficult to measure since other electrical noise, especially power line noise, contaminated the data.  However, Groundflow Ltd, based in the UK, discovered a new proprietary detection method that filters out electric noise and other naturally occurring noises so that the groundwater signal remains pure.  This enables Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find well water and identify the best drilling location on your land prior to drilling.

We are able to see subsurface water to a depth of 1600 feet below ground.

Well drilling can be expensive and frustrating.  Our goal is to help our clients know if they have water for drilling a well.  

Our technology is the only way find subsurface groundwater, find the best drilling location, and estimate the depth and the yield prior to drilling. 

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors 
finding well water in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, and other areas where our service is needed

If you would like help locating well water, contact us at (800) 394-6207 or visit findwaterfirst.com today!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Save Money by Locating Well Water

Water well drilling can be expensive and time consuming, especially when you do not know where to drill! If given incorrect information about where to drill for your well, you can end up spending thousands of dollars and end up with land littered with holes. At Southwest Groundwater Surveyors, we make it our goal to provide the best water locating services in the industry. Through years of experience and using state of the art technology, we can locate the underground aquifer and pinpoint the optimal drill site. We estimate the depth you should drill and the potential yield of your well. Our electro-seismic surveys help us locate groundwater and as a result, we are the leaders in our field. Many drillers and well developers use our services because they see successful results from our electro seismic surveying. This is the proven method of finding the underground aquifer and locating well water, besides drilling test holes. Save money and your land with the help of Southwest Groundwater Surveyors!

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors is happy to serve areas in:
·         Southern California
·         Arizona
·         Utah
·         New Mexico
·         Nevada
·         Other areas where our service is needed

If you would like help locating well water, contact us at (800) 394-6207 or visit findwaterfirst.com today!