Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Finding well water in Utah / Well Drilling Success

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors spent much of the summer months on a 60 square mile ranch finding well water in Utah. It is a very dry area where groundwater for wells is much needed but hard to find. After conducting surveys on various parts of the ranch trying to find well water, we recommended that our client drill on some of our best sites before doing any more testing. We are happy to report well drilling success.

We just received the following letter from our client...

"Hello Steve and Carolyn,
I just thought I would let you know that we just completed drilling on one of your better test sites which resulted in a very good well. We went down 495 feet and are still gathering data on gallons per minute, but we feel it will come in above the estimate. Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted. Dale."

We plan to go back in the spring to conduct additional testing.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Find Well Water / Scientific Well Water Location Service / Locate Well Water Before Well Drilling / irrigation wells

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors scientific well water location service, helping our clients locate well water before well drilling.
Recent seismoelectric groundwater surveys  in California, Arizona and Utah have been successful to Locate well for farm irrigation wells, ranch stock wells, and domestic water wells 

We have the ability to see the underground aquifer prior to drilling.  No job is too big or small we are second to none in experience and understanding of the diverse conditions of the American southwest and the unique challenges to locating water for wells.

Our technology and our unique methods is what sets us apart, we use the only method available to find well water without drilling test holes. 

Please call or email us if you would like to know how Southwest Groundwater Surveyors can help you with your next water well project.

Don't Drill An Expensive Dry Well!

Our Mission Statement

While striving to Meet our clients' needs with unmatched customer service, expertise and experience; It is our goal at Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find well water where it exists and to help our clients determine the very best well drilling site.   And to help lower the cost of well development and prevent clients from drilling an expensive dry well, or drilling on a less-than-optimal site.  This eliminates unnecessary and costly drilling that would have a negative effect on the natural state of the underground aquifer, minimizing carbon emissions and damage to the surrounding environment.


Southern California/Arizona/Utah/New Mexico/Nevada and other areas where our service is needed.
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Find Water First With Southwest Groundwater Surveyor

 Find Water First with Southwest Groundwater Surveyors! 

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Discover the benefits of hiring Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to help you find well water prior to drilling! With our state-of-the-art scientific equipment, we are able to provide you with the groundwater location, its depth, and its yield, prior to water well drilling.
We continue to save our clients thousands of dollars, who, through the use of our service, are able to locate a water well drilling site with confidence and not worry about drilling a dry or low yield well. Water well drilling can be expensive if given incomplete or incorrect information about where to drill for the new well. It is crucial to know as precisely as possible the location of water and estimated amounts of water underground before any well drilling efforts are undertaken.


1. We locate the aquifer and drilling location, before you drill a well.
2. We determine how deep the water is (to the base of the aquifer).
3. We estimate the yield in gallons per minute.
Offices in Southern California and Southern Utah.
Southern California/Arizona/Utah/New Mexico/Nevada and other areas where our service is needed.
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