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Find Water First Before Drilling / Aquifer locating service/ Southwest Groundwater Surveyor

At Southwest Groundwater Surveyors...
We find well water in the southwest United States.

       If you are planning to drill a well, whether for domestic or agricultural use, you need to find water first before drilling.  You should consider having an aquifer locating service conducted by Southwest Groundwater Surveyor.

     The seismoelectric survey method is the only known, portable, affordable method for seeing the groundwater aquifer directly, to a depth of 1600 feet BGS. without drilling expensive test holes.

     We do this by sending a seismic compression wave into the earth which, when encountering a groundwater aquifer, (water saturated rocks, fracturing, sand and gravel) it produces a small but measurable electric signal that is then received by our computer instruments on the surface.  

     Our patented Groundflow instruments have the capability to identify the groundwater at each test site. The collected data is then processed for interpretation of the depth and estimated yield of the well at each site tested. 

     Our mission is to help our clients to have the most reasonable assurance of drilling a successful well in the most productive location on the property, and to prevent the disappointment and the expense of drilling a dry well.

     Southwest Groundwater Surveyors have saved our clients thousands of dollars over the years using time tested methods and state of the art seismoelectric  (electro seismic) technology. by scientifically zeroing in on the optimal drill site for your water well. 

     We can take the guess work out of the question of where to drill, how deep to drill, and estimate the expected yield of the well.

     If you are considering drilling a well and would like to find water first prior to drilling, contact us to schedule your survey today.

Who We Are Helping Find Well Water?  
The People...
  • – whose water pressure has decreased or well has gone dry.
  • - who are interested in water well drilling or need a water well site located for new construction.
  • – building outside of city water service areas, who need to locate well water.
  • – wishing to provide a well location to buyers.
  • - who need agricultural irrigation wells.
  • – who need stock wells for live stock
  • - exploring new well sites and water development strategies.
  • – planning or aiding in new construction or well development.
  • – desiring to increase the value of their property.
  • - wishing to provide productive / cost effective well drilling locations to clients.

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Southern California / Arizona / Utah / New Mexico / Nevada and other areas where our service is needed.

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