Thursday, August 8, 2013

Find Well Water First / Locate Groundwater Aquifers / Aquifer Locating

Find Well Water Using  Scientific Technology 
The days of using willow sticks to locate groundwater are becoming a thing of the past thanks to developments in scientific Aquifer locating  for water well drilling. 

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors uses the only method known to find well water directly besides drilling expensive test holes, and knows how to locate groundwater aquifers using scientific Technology prior to drilling.  This allows clients to understand exactly where to drill, how deep to drill and estimate the yield of the well, prior to water well drilling.

Often times people who need a water well on their property end up drilling a dry or low yield well unnecessarily because they had no way to know where the best drill site is, or the correct depth  to drill (to the base of the aquifer).

With Southwest Groundwater Surveyor  The questions of where to drill, how deep to drill, and should you drill at all?  are now longer a guessing game.

Scientific aquifer locating  has been available in the United States since the mid 1990's

This method has been successful in helping land developers, farmers, ranchers, golf courses and others to find well water before drilling begins, and to drill with confidence and assurance that they are drilling at the right spot and depth.

The Groundflow intruments allow the surveyors to locate the optimal drill location, depth to drill (seeing to a depth of 1600 feet underground) and estimate the yield of water in gallons per minute.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors Services Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, and Utah.

If you would like to Find Well Water First Before Drilling and know if you have well water before going to the expense of drilling, please contact us to schedule a survey.

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