Thursday, July 11, 2013

Find Well Water / Well Drilling Help / Don't Drill a Dry Well

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was hired in April 2013 to find well water for a client in Barstow California, who had just had the misfortune of drilling an (expensive) dry well.
The client was referred to us by Solomon Well Drilling of Lucerne Valley, to see if we could help.

After conducting a series of Electro Seismic (EKS) tests on the clients’ property, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors reported that groundwater was located at one particular site.

The data indicated the base of the aquifer was 350 feet below ground surface and the estimated yield was 2-6 Gallons per minute.
On July 6, 2013  Colleen from Solomon Well Drilling informed us that they had just finished developing the well and reported that the well was pumping steady at 5 gallons per minute, at the exact depth reported.

If you would like to know if you have well water before going to the expense of drilling, please contact us to schedule a survey.

Never Drill A Dry Well!

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