Friday, April 12, 2013

Find Well Water First / Well drilling in Arizona / Satisfied Client Testimonial.

If you need well drilling help. and would like to find well water first, before drilling, or would like to find well water in Arizona, contact us

Satisfied Client Testimonial from 4/12/2013:

"RE: Agreement xxx Graham CO, AZ

I thought you'd like to know that your survey showed two locations where we'd find water at 3-6 GPM with the bottom at 280'. We drilled 285' between those two spots , hit water at 179', cased, gravel-packed and set the pump at 270' and started pumping at 40GPH. After 9 hours we had pumped-down 23' of water. After changing to 22 GPM for an additional 4 hours, the level went up by 9 feet. I have installed a 10 GPM pump and utilize a 3,000 gal storage tank between the well and the house and never expect to have a water problem! Thanks for your good work. The results were worth the price! Neighbors (using a "witch") have drilled as deep as 1200' without finding ANY water.

J. B."

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