Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Find Well Water Scientifically Before Drilling

With Electo Seismic Surveying from Southwest Groundwater Surveyors It is now possible to find well water scientifically before ever going to the expense of drilling.

Often times people who need a water well on there property end up drilling a dry or low yield well unnecessarily because they had no way to know where the best drill site is, or the correct depth depth to drill (to the base of the aquifer).

With Electro Seismics (also known as Seismo Electric Surveying or Electro Kinetic Surveying)  The question of where to drill, how deep to drill, and should you drill at all?  is now longer a guessing game.

It is now possible to find water first before going to the expense of drilling.

If you would like to find well water on your property before paying to drill in the wrong spot, Call Southwest Groundwater Surveyors or visit our website to schedule a survey.

Call to book early before the spring rush.