Friday, October 30, 2009

The Benefits of Hiring Southwest Groundwater Surveyor

We invite you to consider the benefits of hiring Southwest Groundwater Surveyor for location of your new water well.
Our survey method is far less invasive than simply drilling a well in hopes of finding groundwater. The Electro-Seismic technology we use never requires drilling bore holes, or digging up the earth to find groundwater.
When the first step of aquifer location is skipped, and individuals go directly to drilling for well water before they've located a good groundwater source, they risk drilling and paying for dry, low yield, or un-usable water wells. They also risk causing unnecessary intrusion of the earth's natural state, therefore causing negative effects to the environment, and potential damage to the aquifer.
The Groundflow Ltd. GF3500 Electro Seismic (EKS) instruments embody a significant advance in earth observation. The signals detected arise directly from the movement of water, rather than merely from the underground rock matrix. This means that we can virtually see where the water is. High resolution profiles of moveable water in aquifers can be produced for the first time, taking the guesswork out of well drill location and depth. Dry-land residential and farm acreage can be upgraded and improved for appropriate use and development.
The service we provide is quick, inexpensive, and non-intrusive (unlike drilling for water location).
The GF3500 computer
equipment collects the electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic waves traveling through water-saturated rocks. To do this we direct an explosive sound wave to a depth of down to 1600 feet below ground surface.
This sound wave travels through the ground and underlying rock formations; it moves the water bearing sand, gravel, and rocks slightly. When this movement occurs, the water is displaced, causing a small but measurable electrical signal. That signal returns to the surface, and is recorded by our highly sensitive computer equipment.
We then take the collected data back to our office and after extensive research and data processing we are able to determine the best location, depth, and approximate yield.
If there is no water present, then there will be no Signal indicating an aquifer. If salinity is too high, (above 1000 Parts per million) there will be no significant signal returned.
SGS recommends a minimum of 5 or more site soundings for residential well development and 10 or more site soundings for agricultural development depending on size of property. Occasionally in areas where obtaining water is known to be difficult, more soundings may be necessary.
A typical survey requires that soundings be conducted in a straight line, 70 to 90 feet apart. In large land areas, preliminary soundings may be necessary in lines or grids 250 feet apart, to determine the best location to conduct a survey.
Find Water First – Southwest Groundwater Surveyors can easily survey up to 20 sites per day per vehicle. Portable operation is sometimes available at an added cost.
Call 1-800-394-6207 for a consultation and for a price proposal for your particular location and needs. Or email to have a representative contact you.
Your final groundwater investigation report will include geological and data interpretations for each surveyed site. And help you to avoid unnecessary drilling costs, and allow for clients to plan for their future well development expense, by specifying where and how deep to drill.
In order to assure a successful survey, we need safe vehicle access to each survey site, acceptable surface conditions for data collection, and in most cases each sounding site will need to be a minimum of 50 feet away from all electrical sources, wiring, metal fences and buildings.
Our clients should familiarize themselves with state and local set back regulations regarding; septic, property lines, utilities, rivers, creeks, washes etc., that we would need to be made aware of.
Note: The state of California requires geological assumptions to be interpreted and approved by a state licensed Geo-Physicist. FWF-SGS works in cooperation with Dr. Ed Whiteman PGP CA license # 955. – And we work (at times) in cooperation and in collaboration with, (but are not affiliated with) National Groundwater Surveyor of Washington State, and National Groundwater Surveyor of Central West California, and we recommend their services if you are in their service area. - We are not affiliated, or otherwise connected to, nor do we recommend any other entity, using similar names, which are dowsers, water witches, or are claiming to use our proprietary technology legally or otherwise.
Phone: 1-800-394-6207

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