Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before Drilling a Well

Before going to the expense of drilling a dry or low yield well
Call Find Water First / Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

Well Water Locating:Our Groundwater data collection is state of the art, using the ultra sensitive GF3500, which is the latest generation of Electro Seismic water surveying equipment.Our survey crews can obtain high quality data with a higher degree of accuracy than was previously possible.

  • EKS testing: Location, depth, Yield & Salinity of ground water prior to drilling.
  • Available Resources: We have the capability to bring multiple units to large survey areas. No Job is to Big.
  • Cost Savings: Save thousands of dollars on the expense of your water well development

Who We Help:

  • Land Owners - who need a well site located for new construction Developers - building outside of city water service areasRealtors - wishing to provide a well location report to buyers
  • Farmers and Ranchers -who need stock or irrigation wells
  • Utility Companies -exploring new well sites & water development strategies
  • Engineering Firms - planning or aiding in new construction or development
  • Investors – wishing to add value to their property prior to selling
  • Home Owners - whose wells have gone dry or flow has decreased
  • Drillers –wishing to provide well drilling location for clients

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